Mathematical Methods of Simulation (B.Sc./M.Sc. Mathematik, M.Sc. Scientific Computing)

Computational Aspects of Finite Elements (B.Sc./M.Sc. Angewandte Informatik)

When?Monday, 14:15-16:00
Where?Mathematikon, SR 11 (5th floor)
Who?G. Kanschat, J. Witte
Registration:Required, see below
Planning meeting:Monday, July 23rd, 14:15, Mathematikon, SR 11


In order to plan the seminar, we require registration through Muesli. Please follow these links:

Planning meeting

In order to give students more time for preparation and to schedule at least the first talks of the semester, we will have a planning meeting at the end of this semester. Attending there is highly encouraged, since it will be helpful to us and to the participants. The remaining presentations will be scheduled in the first meeting of the winter term.


  1. 26.11. Multiscale Finite Element Methods
  2. 03.12. Lynch, Rice, Thomas: Direct solution of partial difference equations by tensor product methods
  3. 10.12. shifted to January 21, 2019
  4. 17.12. Oseledets: Approximation of 2dx2d Matrices Using Tensor Decomposition + TT-Toolbox
  5. 07.01. Theory on the SVD and Tensor-Train decomposition
  6. 14.01. Oseledets: Tensor-Train Decomposition (rounding) + TT-Toolbox
  7. 21.01. de Lathauwer, de Moor, Vandewalle: A Multilinear Singular Value Decomposition (cancelled)
  8. 28.01. Bachelor seminar on the Black-Scholes model (optional)

General information

Talks are planned to be 45 minutes long. The format of the presentation is free to choose. However, take into account that your talk is addressed to an audience of fellow students.

Everybody has to provide a concise written report of her/his work presented at the seminar. Please keep in mind, that a well-written report is a good possibility to improve an (unsatisfactory) grading of the talk. Submission deadline of the reports is the 1st March, 2019.

To avoid misconceptions, every student should show us her/his preliminary version of the talk at least one week before the presentation. For questions of any kind, you can send an email (click here) or come by my office 1/235 in the Mathematikon (building A). In the case of mathematical questions, we recommend you to concisely explain the problem via email first, such that we have a chance to prepare.