Lecture: Finite Elements

Lecturer:G. Kanschat
Tutorials:A. Gilbert
Technical information: LSF


Homework assignments

  1. Due by Oct 19
  2. Due by Oct 26

We will prepare weekly homework assignments. The purpose of these assigments is training the subjects learned in class and developing an understanding for the taught concepts. The assigments are essential for acquiring the competences taught in the class and tested in the final exam.

The homework assignments should be prepared in small groups discussing the steps of the solution. The groups should present their solutions during tutorial. There is no return of written solutions required.

The homework assignments will be discussed during the tutorials. Students should present their results taking turns. Every student is expected to present at least once.

Handing in homework assignments is not mandatory in order to be allowed to take the exam. Nevertheless, passing the exam may be easier after completing them.

Final exam

If the class does not exceed 20 participants, there will be oral exams of 20 minutes in the last week of the semester. Exam times will be scheduled in January.


The class will mostly follow the books

Additional literature on the finite element method for elliptic partial differential equations:

Further reading on elliptic PDE and Sobolev spaces: